As the name of the site might hint at, I love wags (as in waggy tails) and bags! I am very lucky that I have three feline furry friends in my home, but I only have two and a half wags! One of my cats had to have her tail removed before I got her as it was so badly broken. She clearly went through a lot before she was rescued and then came to me. She doesn’t wag or wiggle her tail, but she still has plenty of attitude and personality. Here’s the run down about my furry friends:


Felix was one of my two original cats. I got him and his sister Scruffy when they were kittens. I didn’t even particularly like cats until I met them but I fell in love. I took them home when they were old enough to leave their mum. My friend has two from the same litter which is nice as well. Felix has lots of attitude and is very playful, although since Mali came on the scene, he doesn’t get to play as much as anything he wants to play with she wants to get involved in. I sometimes shut her in another room so he can have some one on one playtime without her interfering!


Mali arrived on the scene in September 2018. I’d lived in my new home almost a year and I had space for another cat. I found her through a local rescue. She’d had a litter of two kittens, although only one survived. She then had to have her tail removed. Not long after I had her, she had a diaphragmatic hernia and had to have quite major surgery. A lot of her organs were in the wrong places and I wonder if this is all part of the trauma she had received before she was rescued. Nowadays she is a very chatty, mischievious little cat! She is very loving and loves her food (like her mum)!


Not long after getting Mali, I lost Scruffy. She was taken ill, and whilst the vets, and the referral hospital tried everything (including taking Felix all the way to Bristol for a blood donation for him not to have the same type) she didn’t make it. She had Lymphoma and just 5 days after I noticed she wasn’t 100% she had to be put to sleep. It was a horribly sad time, and a really awful few days. I was back there the following week with Mali getting her hernia operation. 

Once the air had cleared and things had settled, I decided that my reasons for getting a third cat still stood, and although another cat would not be a replacement for Scruffy, a third cat would still be nice. I rescued Cookie from the same rescue I got Mali from. She was diagnosed with a heart murmur at her first vet check and the rescue said I could swap her because of everything that I went through with Mali, but she was already mine. She went to a cardiology CPD evening with the vet, and the heart murmur was nothing overly worrying – although she may need another scan in the future. At a recent vet check up they were struggling to hear it so that is good. 

She is the most loving and affectionate (borderline needy) cat you will ever come across. Lap cat doesn’t even begin to describe her! She worships Felix and is more often than not snuggled up with him. 

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