Much as I love bags more than my own life, I really can’t justify the money to buy designer bags on a regular basis. I’ve had a few over the years, but they are a luxury, not a necessity and so I don’t buy them often at all! In my early 20s I had a Gianni Chiarini bag which from memory cost nearly £100, and that felt so extreme and so luxurious. I loved that bag, but I didn’t use it much. I’ve also had a DKNY bag, which again I loved. This one was a more practical style so I did use and abuse it a bit more. Since I had my year without a car, and even though I have a car again, I tend to use a backpack everywhere I go on a day to day basis (clearly not on a night out or on a special occasion though). It is convenient, I can get a lot in it, and it is better for my back. I do however have one very special designer handbag. I don’t use it often, it usually lives in its dustbag, in its box, safe in a cupboard awaiting for those special occasions. 

I am somewhat obsessed with Victoria Beckham. I think she doesn’t receive the credit she deserves. She is a very smart woman, who is also a great designer. It’s why a few years ago when I unexpectedly got some extra money at Christmas, I decided to blow it on a bag from her. I could have ordered the bag online, via her website, or via another retailer who also sells her stuff such as or but I decided that as I (at the time) lived so close to London, I would go up to her Dover Street store and buy it in person. 

It was such a treat and such an amazing experience. I was a little worried that I would go in there and have a Pretty Woman moment where they took one look at me and felt I was beneath them, but it was actually the complete opposite. They treated me like royalty and nothing was too much trouble. 

I chose a heart print clutch bag, which admittedly does only come out for special occasions, but I love it and it makes me feel good when I use it. 

When I bought it, I got it home and realised there was no dust bag. I was a little disappointed, but I emailed the store and one was posted out to me straight away. The store manager apologised and the package also came complete with a signed postcard from Victoria herself (and yes I know she would have done a load, it wasn’t specific for me) but it still was really nice to receive. 

You might laugh about my obsession – that’s ok, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but she is someone I look up to and my only minor complaint is that her clothes on the whole only go up to a size 14. That does however give me extra motivation to lose the extra weight I’m trying to lose so that I can one day go and buy some of her clothes as well as her accessories (when I’m rich obviously)! 😉

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