What is with clothing sizes and the way they are about as far from consistent as you can actually get? I mean they actually do my head in. I know every person has a totally different body shape and size, but how can a pair of jeans in one store, come up totally different to a different pair of jeans in the same store? It’s bad enough that going from one store to another we need to try stuff on, but surely it’s not too much to ask for trousers from one or many shops to all be the same sort of size?! I’m not talking about totally different fits by the way (a baggy fit pair of jeans is of course going to have more material than a skinny fit pair).

I recently went shopping for some shirts or tops suitable for work. I’m currently doing Weight Watchers so I don’t want to spend a fortune as I’m hoping that soon all my clothes will be too big for me anyway, so I went to a well known supermarket which has an extensive clothing range. In one store, a size 12 top fitted me, with room, and yet a size 18 (which is much closer to my usual size) didn’t even do up! It wasn’t even that the size 12 was super stretchy. Yes, perhaps it had a baggier or looser fit, but it fitted and it looked fine, and yet the 18 (they didn’t have any 20s) wouldn’t do up! How confusing, and kinda soul destroying is that? 

I hate clothes shopping as it is. I think this is partly due to my self confidence (or lack of) and therefore I never feel particularly great in anything, no matter how much I like an item of clothing. I’m never going to be skinny, although I’d settle for being slimmer than I am (hence why I am following Weight Watchers at the moment). I’ve always struggled with my weight, and as a larger girl, there is nothing more depressing than having to go into tiny fitting rooms in shops to try clothes on when we are probably already rather hot (and dare I say sweaty) and try stuff on. It’s why we so often buy stuff online, or in store but in different sizes only to return any unwanted or unsuitable ones. It is however a waste of time and effort, especially when you have to pay travel, parking or even postage costs to return items. I’m sure slimmer people have the same issues, but it does appear to be heightened for us!

I just wish that a size 14 would cover the same amount of flesh as a size 14 from both a different range in the same store, but also a size 14 from another store! I really don’t think that’s too much to ask!

How do you deal with clothing being different sizes in different (or even the same shops)? Do you prefer shopping online or in person? I’d love to know your thoughts and comments below. 

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