Don’t get me wrong, 90 Day Fiance has become my guilty pleasure, but I have a lot of questions about it! I’ve never seen the “normal” series, I only got into it recently when I started watching “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” and I was hooked. I’m currently watching “The Other Way” and “Before the 90 Days” but I just can’t for the life of me work out why some of these couples go on there!

Take Jenny & Sumit from “The Other Way” for example. Jenny is a more mature lady (in her 60s) and Sumit is quite a bit younger (in his 30s). Jenny was not earning enough money to sponsor a visa application for Sumit to go to the USA so she moved to India to be with him and hopefully get married. I don’t know what the couples get paid to go on the show, but I can only imagine it is enough for these couples to put themselves through this. Jenny appears to be a sweet if not slightly deluded lady, and whilst I don’t doubt that they love each other dearly (even though in the early days Sumit admitted to having catfished her with a fake name and picture) there is no way on earth he could ever have married her. Ignoring the fact that his parents wouldn’t be happy if he married an older white woman (let’s just say he grew a pair, stood up to them and married her anyway) he could never have married her because HE IS ALREADY MARRIED! We don’t find this out until quite late in the series, but why would a married man agree to be filmed for such a show? If he really loves her why did he put Jenny through this? He says it’s an arranged marriage that he wants out of, but he still let the “love of his life” give up everything to come and be with him, knowing full well that he could never deliver on his promises. Jenny defending him for reasons of culture is just ridiculous as well. His culture didn’t make him lie. If he respects his culture so much, he would never have agreed to broadcast his infidelity on international TV.



Whilst we have never seen his wife, I think she is a much forgotten and overlooked part of this story as well. I’m not sure where she thought her husband was when he was living with Jenny. I’m not sure of the state of their marriage (apart from the fact that Sumit isn’t happy) but for her husband to be on TV declaring love for another woman, even if it is after an arranged marriage must be heartbreaking and a complete slap in the face to her, her family and their cultures.

I have yet to watch the end of season couples “tell-all” but in the last episode, Jenny was shown leaving India and telling Sumit that if he really loved her and wanted to be together then he needed to sort it all out. There is part of me that kind of hopes they get their happy ending but it’s not going to happen, and after all the lies (re the catfishing and the marriage) I hope that Jenny learns to love herself more and realise she is better off on her own than with someone who could do that to her!

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